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Camp Life in the rural countryside
of mid-south Tennessee

You will reside in the cozy, comfy, and creatively designed Camp Wonder Wander lodging on a 17 acre campground and creativity retreat center in rural Tennessee approximately 1.75 hrs from Nashville. Inspired by Coach Val's own summer camp experiences in girl scouts and travels internationally. 

The camp is filled with lots of visual inspiration and design objects like super fun posters. This is a place to disconnect from being online so that you get connected to yourself, your peers, and nature's wonders - from the donkeys in the pasture, the sounds of wind and birds in the bamboo grove, lightning bugs at night, forest and meadow, and a really fun river rock bed on the Buffalo River all in easy walking distance.

During down time you may want to hang out with the camp mascots – farm cats, a tripod Pyrenees, and the rabbits – zig & zag. We'll see the camp chickens, peacocks and donkeys including miniatures, standards and a few babies on a daily basis. We'll take time to lay in the grass and watch the clouds, take hikes and skip stones.

As the garden grows, you may have hands-on experience of farm to table experience as creativity comes in many forms, inspiration can come from any place, and physical tasks like gardening and cooking are all ways to build a creative brain, ethos, way of life. Participate in all facets of camp which gives you practical skills beyond the creative projects. Just like Val's experiences in scouting as a youth and a leader, tasks will be assigned via a kaper chart so each person has a chance to be involved and learn.


Wifi will be turned off for the bulk of our time so that you have a chance to learn to disconnect from technology and social media and engage in the moment, engage in discovery, engage in developing social relationships in person. We might watch a few inspirational films together as a group and build a camp fire.

For those in the 30 day program,
Val's extensive library of graphic design books is filled with all sorts of resources and inspirations.