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Design Coach & Creative Instigator: Val Sloan

I am an adventurer, an explorer, a traveler, a curious investigator, and a life-long learner. With more than twenty years of design education experience, I have transformed my teaching style and content over the years to be dynamic, fun, challenging, and exploratory. It's too easy to google for research and develop a visual solution just like everyone else can google and design something similar. I challenge you to use the techniques I will share with you as you begin to develop your own creative habit toolbox that is grounded in discovery, exploration, innovative and critical thinking that comes from happy accidents and failing every once in a while.


As a design coach and creative instigator, I provide a safe space for you to grow and fail in a process to learn from discoveries, to collaborate and develop your ability to work in a team away from the crutch of smart technology. You will learn about the basic graphic design principles in a unique methodology of learning how to see, discover the love of words through exploring typography in various forms including building from natural objects, learn about significant moments in the history of graphic design that will inspire you to be a dynamic visual innovator not just someone who can mimic a style, and become a teller of stories as that skill will take you far – down the road telling stories for brands, communities, on stage in a presentation, in film or social media – that starts with a campfire every night and composing a finished product by the end of the session. You'll also create by hand from collage to pottery, to possibly digging in the garden and exploring the animal and natural surroundings.


I am a wonderwanderer and I invite you to join me!

I traveled to Japan in 2015 on a sabbatical. It was a life-changing experience. I will encourage a sense of discovery in you that may take fire in the belly as you ignite your inner creative spirit.


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